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Podcast Guesting

Simply by the nature of podcasting and the way that they are produced, they are an excellent medium to grow your social media presence.

Podcast guesting refers to the strategy of getting booked on established podcasts that are relevant to your expertise.

Podcasting has become a powerful strategy of establishing yourself in this digital world because it builds up online presence, attracts more leads, traffic, and sales than other forms of content marketing such as guest blogging.

When you combine that high conversion rate with the extended reach and other benefits that guest podcasting provides, it’s a very compelling strategy.

It’s a smart move to be proactive in identifying opportunities to guest podcast.

You can hire a podcast booking agent or DIY by looking up shows in iTunes or Google using keywords. Tap into social media networks like LinkedIn and Facebook for industry-specific opportunities.

The more you know about the show that you hope to guest on, the better (i.e., format, tone, and nature of show, etc.). Not only will you have a better chance of getting booked, but also you can fully leverage the exposure opportunity that it generates.


You can do your own outreach to get booked on shows, but in most cases, it’s better to hire an experienced podcast booking service to do professional outreach on your behalf.


Our Podcast Guesting Package Includes:

  • Searching for best podcasts to guest on

  • Developing a pitch

  • Scheduling on podcast shows

  • Marketing goals tips and advices


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