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Our Team

Meet the people behind Stampede Branding.

Barry Photo About us.png

Barry Coziahr

Founder & President

Fred Photo About us.png

Fred Majors

Chief Marketing Consultant


Claire Coziahr

Chief Financial Officer

Avi Photo About us.png

Avi Vasta

Digital Marketing Genius

Angelica Photo About us.png

Angelica Domingo

Director of Marketing

Mae picture_edited.jpg

Mae Yanong

Deputy Chief Executive Officer


Febbie Alegrado

Director of Client Services

A Group of 50 Digital Marketing Experts

Image by Brooke Cagle

Our exceptional team of 50 digital marketing experts, are seasoned professionals in their own right. With a passion for innovation and a dedication to driving online success, our team brings a wealth of experience and diverse skill sets to the table. From strategic masterminds who craft visionary campaigns to creative minds that design captivating visuals, and analytical thinkers who dissect data for actionable insights, we collaborate seamlessly to bring your brand's digital presence to life. Our collective expertise spans the dynamic landscape of SEO, social media, content creation, paid advertising, and more. With a finger on the pulse of industry trends and a commitment to staying ahead of the curve, we're not just a team – we're your partners in harnessing the full potential of the digital realm.

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