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What our customers are saying...

"Over and Above Service..."

I would like to thank the folks over at Stampede Branding for their over and above service on a recent project they did for me! They helped me get a book published onto Amazon and it wasn’t always easy from my end. I needed a couple tweaks done on the front cover and they handled that very professionally and promptly.

There was a lot of editing because I didn’t like it at first, but they changed it up with no hassle. They persisted every step of the way, from changing the front cover design, the layout of the actual text and the editing.


Thanks for the great service and attention to detail. You guys are super easy to work with! 


I would very highly recommend this company for all your publishing needs.

- Eddie Ballman, Book Launch
"I Would Use Them Again..."

Stampede [Branding] completed a marketing survey to determine how our public will respond to our products. They sent a team out to personally collect surveys to get real data input from the community. Once they finished they tabulated the results and provided a very useful Survey program for our future marketing programs to get the results from our marketing efforts to get more known in our community. Their customer service was great and timely. I would use them again.

- Jim Bowes, President of Arrow Rehabilitation
"Our Production Has Increased By Approximately 45%..."

I have been working with Stampede Branding now for about 9 months. 

It was challenging to have to wait a while for the ground work to be established and things to have to percolate in order to see results. But I am confident now that we have reached success with the plan. 

We have had successful leads delivered and sales calls scheduled on a weekly basis. 

In my line of business, one successful sales call can be extremely impactful on our production. And recently we have had 3 new clients join our roster, two of which were larger than we had previously ever dealt with. 

Consequently, our production has increased by approximately 45% in the last 4-6 weeks and there continue to be leads and calls scheduled which make me very confident about our future. 

I was told at the start that Stampede Branding would create for me a problem of having to hire.

Truth! I have had to hire 3 employees recently and have another scheduled to be added next month. It appears to be the real deal!

- Kevin Cappel, Founder of Jet PT Billing
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