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3 Cold Calling Misconceptions

It's dead. It doesn't work. It's hard.

There are many misconceptions about cold calling everywhere.

But there's no crying in baseball. Or in this case, cold calling.

Cold Calling can be your first step towards opening opportunities and closing deals.

Like how one door closes, another opens, there's one deal closes, another opens. And vice versa.

Misconception #1: Cold Calling is dead

"But nobody picks up the phone anymore!"

Anything called 'dead' in sales is a slumbering giant. Except spam sales messaging with no warmup whatsoever. It's just kind of dumb.

Unvarnished truth: Your ideal clients need you as much as you need them. One way to find out is by qualifying leads and reaching out to them.

Cold Calling allows you to do that, only better if you take time to research prospects, qualify leads, and strategically call them.

Misconception #2: Cold Calling doesn't work

This is true... if it's done without knowledge about the person/business on the other line or pitching right off the bat or handling rejections poorly.

This is true... especially if this is the only technique in your pockets. Cold Calling should be followed by other outreach campaigns to breakthrough.

Misconception #3: Cold calling is hard

One thing about cold calling is that not everyone will like you. Not everyone will agree with you. Not everything will go your way. It's a challenging role but a rewarding one.

Not a lot of business owners are a fan of it because of the knee-jerk reflex of rejections by the prospects or the not-being-a-fan-of-talking generally and hence the conclusion of "maybe I'm just wasting time calling."

The good news is that it can be outsourced to professionals. The people who are great on the phone, who can spend hours and hours of talking you up --- your business wingman, who actively listens to your prospects and readily sweep them off their feet.

When the going gets tough...

Review your process, restructure and improve, improve, improve. The secret to cold calling is learning from the curveball.

The quickest way to get in front of your ideal clients is when you pick up the darn phone and start dialing.

One thing to make cold calling easier, especially if it's not your superpower, is having someone else do it for you.

Then you'll be able to finally focus on the things you love about your business instead of dreading every day you have to do cold outreach.

The next big thing to growing your business is a support sales team.


Is Cold Calling right for my business?

Let's talk shop! I'll personally help you assess and discuss the steps towards growing your business. Book a call with me here.


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