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Have You Ever Stuck Your Foot in Your Mouth?

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

I love doing market research! WHY? Well, have you every tried to use a tool that was just WRONG for the job? Have you ever worn the totally wrong clothes to an event? Have you ever stuck your foot in your mouth?

Doing any of the above might cost you money in the wrong circumstances and it is exactly what you might experience if you do not have survey data to base your offers when doing a promotional campaign, book release or a social media strategy.

Conversely, having the right data as a result of the right research is like knowing just where the gold is buried! This data is what you want to ensure you spend your money correctly; make the best marketing decisions and can make the difference between success and a total flop.

There is a right and wrong way to do surveys and research. It does not have to be long and extensive but even if you decide to invest in a larger survey/research project at the end of the day it is the return on that investment that matters.

This is a great step to take to get strategic about your advertising and can influence everything from your brand to your social media conversion rates.

One more thing:

Here is some valuable data for you on the subject of surveys and research. It is an episode of my podcast Real Live Marketing. I have been involved in market research for many years and and share some top tips for researching your competition to see what is working.

We discuss exactly what a survey is, what types of surveys can be done and how surveys have led to success such as the bestselling book for client, Frank Suarez.

Find out how to use surveys to steer your business to great success this episode of my podcast Real Live Marketing #26: Effective Market Research.

So, if you have questions about how to do research what your competition is doing, or what research might help shape your campaigns better, call me to talk about it on my mobile: 1-314-398-7269

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