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Facebook superpowers: be a hero not a super villain

You probably heard the phrase that with great power comes great responsibility and let’s hope that Facebook is taking the responsibility they need to take. But even if they don’t, you can use the Facebook super powers given to you and be a hero with the products and services that you offer and the jobs that you provided in the community.

Facebook targeted lists are the super power waiting to be unleashed

Here’s the deal: Facebook's superpower is data and they use that data to target audiences and they make that information available to you so you can do it as well.

Facebook has more information on you in many cases than the CIA, NSA and Homeland Security all wrapped into one social network.

Not only do they have the information that you provide every time you click on anything, or like something, or friend someone within the Facebook environment but they also buy data from big data companies that track everything from your credit card purchases to your search history in some cases.

I know there are people that consider this really scary and others that could not care less. The thing to know is that it happens and like I said at the beginning you can use your powers for good or you can use them for evil.

So how do you use your Facebook powers for good? Facebook ads placed intelligently, targeting specific audiences, with content that is created specifically for those audiences. These ads are very inexpensive to purchase - underpriced in fact - compared to other large media companies that grossly overprice their space such as billboard companies and the pages of magazines like Vogue.

If you’re willing to jump in and invest a some money on creating some great content and some great ads and take advantage of the system, you can grow an incredible business right now that will capture a piece of the market that you can then keep and maintain with good service. And even if Facebook becomes overpriced down the road you will have learned something that you can take with you, not to mention you’ve grabbed a bunch of prospects who can be your customers for the rest of the journey.

Marketing is an investment and what I can confidently say is that most businesses don’t spend enough on marketing. 14% to 18% is what you should be spending on creating future business through promotion. And for a new business for in its first few years, 30% or more can go into marketing. The question is how much growth do you want and how quick do you want it to happen?

Just remember, when you choose to do Facebook advertising with me it is not a sprint but rather a marathon. We are going to test and try again and test some more and try some more and then we’re going to get it and have it start to pay off. That is the point that you can put the peddle to the metal or rather don your cape and take to the skies!

Schedule a Free Social Media Strategy Session - we are ready to be your trusty sidekicks so you can be the hero for your community and your business.

Check out David Meerman Scott's article: I Downloaded All 840MB of My Facebook Data. It Was Boring, Baffling, and a Bit Scary, and see just how much data Facebook has on your potential customers.

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