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Going social with your advertising: preparing your business for the new media

Smart marketers don’t actually care about Facebook and they don’t care about social media. They care about ROI (Return on Investment). People aren’t looking at billboards. They’re not paying attention to TV commercials. As I mentioned last week, businesses are often not advertising with today's methods.

Find people and then target them

Look back at the shift from radio to television.

Bestselling author, Gary Vaynerchuk, said:

“Businesses started running TV commercials like they’d run radio ads. There would be a man in front of there holding up an image, and there would be a narrator narrating that image. The ad wasn’t “native” to television, and there was a huge misunderstanding of what makes a ‘good’ TV commercial. Marketers and advertisers hadn’t figured out what a commercial should look like. They were trying to adapt the “old world” into the “new world.” We’re seeing a similar thing happen today as we move from a TV commercial, outdoor media world onto a Facebook and Instagram world.”

He is so right! We have to adapt the “ads” we are running to the new media that we are running it on. For instance, you can change out the people to match the different demographics segments you are promoting to so that each of them have images to connect to, and even messages modified just for them.

You can test multiple ads today much more efficiently that you used to be able to do it on older forms of advertising.

So here are a few key questions you might ask yourself about where you need to be advertising in regards to Facebook:

  • How many different audiences do I have that I can target?

  • Should I be concerned about advertising cheap to many or pay a little more to get the right audiences?

  • How do I use retargeting? Retargeting is where you go to a website and then you see ads for that company everywhere! You can do this, contact me and I will explain it to you.

  • And finally… How much testing should I do before I go big?

Ask yourself these question and then contact me for a free consultation and we will get you ready for 2019!

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